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With my husband we are thinking about moving to Bangalore. I would like to know what are the approximate costs of living there for a couple without children? What is the best solution for renting?It would be enough for us to have only a small flat.

Thank you in advance for all your reactions!


Sumit Arora12th December 2012 05:47 GMT

Lucia, actually everything depends , but let me give you a very basic idea :
(Are you alone or with family ?)

Apartment rental : $300 to $800 -- Say - $500 (decent one)
Groceries - $100 to $150 - Say $150 (juices, Milk etc - ~ enogh for Two people)
Outing - $50 Per Weekend -- Say $200

Overall around $1000 (decent)

See for Grocery things

See for property

George12th December 2012 09:57 GMT

Sumit, thanks for your helpful reply.

Lucia also take a look at Numbeo for comparing your current cost of living with Bangalore:
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