Medical Insurance Checklist for Expats

There is a large range of insurers out there and it can be very easy to quickly become confused. Use our medical insurance checklist to ensure that you have all vital areas covered and that you find a policy that is suitable for an expat or global nomad lifestyle.

Medical Insurance Checklist
Any existing medical conditions that you have are covered by the insurance. If this is not the case then supplementary policies are available with the same provider that does cover existing medical conditions.
The insurer has a good reputation and a good rating. The insurer does not have a history of refusing to settle claims.
Hospitals included in the cover are extensive and near to any location that you anticipate living in.
Maternity cover is included if you are planning to have a family within 2 years of relocating.
If you regularly participate in sports activities and hobbies there needs to be sufficient cover for these in your health insurance. If not, ensure that a supplementary policy is available.
Repatriation is included in the insurance cover.
The insurance provider has a direct billing system in place with hospitals in the host country. If this isn't available you need to ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay for any medical care before claiming it back from the insurer.
The insurance company offers 24/7 phone assistance in your own language. Processes for accessing help in an emergency are clear.
The insurance provider has a local claims unit that has the authority to assist with, and settle, any claims made within the host country.
Insured is able to meet any excess requirements.

If you can find a provider that meets all the criteria on our medical insurance checklist then you should seriously consider using them.

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