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The United Kingdom is an eclectic, diverse and often eccentric nation that offers a wide variety of diverse landscapes, customs, cultures and traditions to the world. Consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, together with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, Britain’s unique countries and isles offer something for every expatriate—from dynamic city living, to quintessential village life, you can find it here.

Expatriates living in the United Kingdom will discover a charming nation that offers an interesting mix of people and places that have emerged as a result of a long and fascinating history. Each area of Great Britain is very different from the next. From the college towns of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham, to the seaside settings of St. Ives, Blackpool and Southend on Sea, to the thriving cities of Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and London, to the medieval towns of York, Norwich and Maldon, every area of the country offers an immensely interesting mix of modern metropolises, quaint rural villages, lush green countryside and scenic national parkland. However, once expatriates become better accustomed with the nation, they will discover that despite the immediately obvious differences, the people of Britain share a number of things in common, including a love of ‘olde’ pubs, eclectic British institutions, local pride and a deep sense of history.

Living in the United Kingdom promises to be an experience that is never dull. The nation has built a strong reputation for its diversified and cosmopolitan life and it continues to be popular with expatriates from all over the world. This has created communities of different nationalities in most towns and cities and the mix and match of cultures on offer will mean that it won’t take long for expatriates to feel at home.

Whether you are looking to experience the dynamic rollercoaster of life in one of the U.K.’s amazing cities, or would prefer to sample a laid-back lifestyle in a quaint local village, you will find it all in the British Isles.

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