A country that covers 514,000 square kilometers and includes 77 different provinces, Thailand is a wondrous kingdom that is extremely contrasting, compelling and unique. Featuring ancient Buddhist temples, lush jungles, exotic wildlife, world-class diving, stunning islands and picturesque mountains, paired with a multifaceted culture, affordable prices and a friendly and hospitable environment, living in Thailand will be a truly unique experience.

Those who have wanderlust will not be disappointed and the country represents an elaborate tapestry of adventure waiting to be had. From the mist-covered mountains of Chang Mai, through the preserved and virgin rainforest of Koh Chang to the shopping heaven and tourist treasures of Bangkok, each Thailand province contains unique cultural, historical, and natural charms that will take your breath away.

One of the things that most expatriates living in Thailand are struck by is the amazing Thai people. Often referred to as “the land of smiles,” expatriates will find the people of this country to be kind, gentle and extremely welcoming. The influence of Thai culture remains dominant, even in the modern city of Bangkok, and the people of the country go to enormous lengths to promote and sustain their traditional roots.

If you’re considering living and working in Thailand, our expat guide will be invaluable during your relocation. It contains information on the expat lifestyle, accommodation and living areas, employment, child care and education, medical facilities, visas and work permits, together with valuable advice and tips by and for expats living in Thailand.

Seek and you will find in Thailand.

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