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From world-class cuisine to gloriously-clad matadors, wild fiestas to sleepy siestas, rich cultural traditions to alcohol-fuelled foam parties and glorious beaches to rural villages, Spain is a vibrant, multifaceted country. Spain exudes cultural diversity and features a rich heritage that is shaped by the legacy of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians, all of whom have all left their mark throughout the country. The result is a fascinating place in which to live that

Many expatriates are attracted to this area of the world by the beautiful year-round weather, endless stretches of golden sandy beaches and relaxing environment. However, there is much more to Spain than first meets the eye and living here is not all sun, sea, and sangría. From the luxuriant forests and mountains of the Navia History Park and the Atlantic coastline of Galicia in the north, to the Roman ruins of Extremadura in the west, the architectural marvels of Valencia in the east and the ancient monuments and fascinating cities of Andalucía in the south, Spain is a country diverse and breathtakingly varied.

One of the biggest attractions for many expatriates to this area of the world is the lifestyle on offer. The pace of life in Spain is, on the whole, much slower than that found in many other western countries and people are lured by the promise of a way of life in which a bigger emphasis is placed on home and family as opposed to work. Expatriates who call Spain home can expect a high quality of life that allows plenty of time for enjoyment and relaxation, even in the city areas.

The Spanish always appreciate foreigners who are interested in their culture and who are willing to make the effort to assimilate to a noticeable extent, learn the language and truly live the Spanish lifestyle.

If you’re considering living and working in Spain, our expat guides to cities in this area of the world will be invaluable during your relocation. They contain information on the expat lifestyle, accommodation and living areas, employment, child care and education, medical facilities, visas and work permits, together with valuable advice and tips by and for expats living in Spain.

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