South Africa

South Africa is a visually breathtaking country that encompasses vast sun-drenched plains, rolling mountains, rugged coastlines, untouched beaches and immense deserts that will both inspire and surprise you.

When it comes to diversity, very few places around the world can top South Africa. This “rainbow nation” is home to over 47 million people of different cultures who speak 11 national languages that are derived from the indigenous African population and the colonial legacy that introduced English, Afrikaners and Indians to create an eclectic mix of different religions, cultures and beliefs. While English is not the most common first language of the people who call South Africa home, it continues to serves as a lingua franca between the locals and expats, meaning that you will very rarely find yourself in a situation in which you cannot converse with people in South Africa’s large expat hotspots.

From the semi-arid sandy savannah of the Kalahari, to the magic of the Drakensberg mountains, to the stunning backdrop of the southeastern Garden Route, South Africa really is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Home to some of the world’s premier game reserves and national parks, including Kruger National Park, the country offers expatriates an opportunity to connect with nature and explore spectacular wildlife and scenery in a exhilarating and accessible Eden.

Since the coming of democracy in 1994, swathes of expatriates have made South Africa their home and the post-apartheid economy has grown and prospered.

If you are considering relocating to South Africa, be prepared for a whirlwind adventure that will be so powerful you will never want to leave.

Look closer, dig deeper and really get to grips with South Africa with our expatriate destination guides.

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