North America

Many of North America’s iconic locations need no introduction. From the vast wilderness of the Arizona desert, to the raging rapids of Niagara Falls, to the mysterious depths of the Grand Canyon, or the musical spirit of New Orleans, North America offers an immense, diverse landscape that is rich in ethnic, natural and man-make diversity. Expatriates who call this area of the world home will benefit from living in one of the most economically advanced nations on the planet while also enjoying a range of different cultures, scenery, entertainment and opportunities.

People who choose Canada, in the north of the continent, as their home will enjoy relaxed living set in stunning natural scenery. Expatriates who are based here benefit from a clean and beautiful environment, a high standard of healthcare and world-class education.

The United States has diversity on offer and it is a country that can be all things to all men. Whether you choose to live in the famous cities of New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, or plan a more relaxed existence in small town Americana, you will find a diverse range of different scenery, activities, entertainment and cultures right on your doorstep, which explains why an estimated 70 percent of U.S. citizens have never traveled abroad.

Elsewhere, increasing numbers of expatriates are drawn to the South of North America, where many people spend their retirement years enjoying the nice weather and relatively low cost of living on offer in Mexico. This area of North America has a reputation for offering expatriates an extremely high standard of living in a relaxing environment.

Wherever you choose, make sure that you experience everything that the northern American continent has to offer with the Expat Info Desk.