New Zealand may look small on the world map but it is a place that is packed full of adventures, excitement, stunning natural scenery and welcoming and friendly people.

New Zealand’s two islands offer contrasting landscapes that are both immensely rich in natural habitats. The North Island is home to the majority of New Zealand’s four million people and features a wide range of natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, lush green pastures. It also houses the major cities of Auckland and Wellington and expatriates living in this area of the world can expect a cosmopolitan lifestyle that combines a vibrant arts and entertainment scene with an attractive urban environment. The South Island is more remote and offers dramatic landscapes that feature glacial mountains, fascinating thermal regions, semi-tropical islands, imposing fjords and unique wildlife.

The country is an adrenaline junkies’ paradise and offers adventurous expatriates and thrill seekers plenty of opportunity to skydive, snowboard, white water raft, bungee jump or whatever other extreme sports take your fancy. Those who prefer a more serene existence will be equally happy enjoying the hiking, stunning natural beauty, whale watching or visiting a vineyard or two.

Many expats are drawn to this part of the world because it offers the perfect recipe for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Expatriates who make New Zealand their home will find clean, fresh air, delicious food, friendly people, a safe environment and a high standard of living. Although the country is the same size as the likes of the U.K. and Japan, it houses a fraction of the people and this ensures a modern, well-developed country that has much less pressure on space and natural resources, meaning that life here is just that little bit more enjoyable.

Whether you’re already planning to relocate to New Zealand or are just researching whether life in this area of the world is right for you, our comprehensive relocation guides will take you step by step through the entire relocation process, giving you the practical information you need to make living in this amazing country an amazing experience.

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