The Netherlands is a country that conjures up images of tulips, dykes, clogs, expansive waterways and windmills. While all of these items are indeed iconic of many areas within this colorful country and do indeed make a significant contribution to the country’s inherent charm, the Netherlands has much more to offer expatriates than that.

The country itself is stunning. Sophisticated urban cities and laid-back rural villages sit seamlessly in the expansive vistas that make way here and there for the occasional canals, castles and dikes. The remarkably flat geography of the land makes it perfect for enjoying long bike rides and walks and expatriates who venture out of the major cities will be amazed by iconic landscapes, stunning coastlines and picturesque medieval villages.

The Netherlands’ cultural outlook is just as colorful as its people. Home to characters such as Van Gough, Frans Hals, Vermeer and Rembrandt, many of the cities throughout the region offer the perfect mix of time-tested art, ambitious architecture and dynamic nightlife, all within the precincts of a distinctly European ambience.

Many expatriates are mesmerized by the people they find in this fascinating country. World-renowned for their free-thinking, liberal outlook, it is hard to believe that the Netherlands, somewhat ironically, has a very puritan past. Today the people that call this fascinating country home are world-renowned for their tolerance, or at least their ability to turn a blind eye; they are down to earth and friendly and never take themselves too seriously. All of this means that those who relocate here for work or pleasure will find it easier to feel at home and will find that the Dutch are generally very hospitable and friendly to foreigners.

If you’re considering taking the plunge and sampling life in this free-thinking sensation, be prepared for fun, bewilderment and enlightenment. Our expatriate guides to major cities in the Netherlands arm you with everything you need to know to survive and prosper in one of the most mind-boggling countries in the world.

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