Home of the world’s oldest continuous civilization, China is an amazing cultural treasure where a fascinating history jostles with urban and economic development to create a country that is dynamic by both nature and necessity.

Simply put, China is a colossus of a country and the enormous realm hides a myriad of secrets that both delight and intrigue. Be it the spectacular landmark of the Great Wall, the hidden mysteries of the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors that have guarded the tomb of China’s first emperor for more than 2200 years, or the fascinating international trade route of the silk road, vestiges of the imperial history of this ancient oriental realm are scattered throughout the country and they never fail to delight both travelers and expatriates alike.

While China has slowly begun to develop a reputation as a country that is heavily polluted and overpopulated, it still has some of the most spectacular natural scenery on the planet, including the breathtaking landscape of Guilin, the impressive Yangtze River gorges and the stunning vast plains of Tibet. Expatriates who call the cities their home can escape the developed metropolises to experience the unique delights of the Chinese countryside at weekends and the sheer diversity of China’s terrain will offer you spectacles that remain with you for the rest of your lives.

Once isolated from the rest of the world, this Asian dragon has now awoken and expats who choose to make China their home will find that living in China is like living in no other world.

If you’re considering taking the plunge and sampling life in this Oriental marvel, be prepared for an epic adventure. Our expatriate guides to major cities in China arm you with everything you need to know to survive and prosper in one of the most culturally idiosyncratic nations on earth.

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