From the untouched coastline of Nova Scotia’s Southern Shore, to the rural playground of Charlevoix, to the French-speaking metropolis of Montreal or the glory of the Okanagan Valley landscape, Canada offers the perfect blend of untouched natural beauty, unique culture and well-developed city living.

Western Canada has justifiably developed a strong reputation for its beautiful natural scenery and stunning countryside, where you will find endless rainforests, Inuit settlements, Artic tundra and triumphant mountain ranges studded with glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves. Right on the doorstep of this breathtaking wilderness lies the East of the country. An area that is more developed and has evolved over the years to offer a delightful combination of the charm of Europe and the excitement of New York. Regardless of where you settle, it won’t be long until you realize that there really is far more to this country than moose, Mounties and maple syrup.

Few countries in the world can replicate the unique living experience that expatriates will find in Canada. Whether you have a passion for adventure and exploring the great outdoors, find inspiration in exploring art and culture or seek exceptional cuisine, you will find it all here.The society in Canada is liberal and tolerant and the people are friendly and welcoming to expatriates. It also represents a very affordable and destination for many expats, especially when compared with the United States’ and European cities. While the towns and cities are well populated, it is very easy to escape the humdrum and get off the beaten track without venturing too far from home. This type of lifestyle draws expats in their hoards and it has become one of the most popular destinations in the world in which to live.

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