From the modern, thriving cities and the mesmerizing outback that separates them, to the laid back coastline and fascinating heritage—Australia is a country that is characterized by a distinct and rich environment. Expatriates living in Australia will find that they have everything they need in one, albeit vast, country. You can relax on one of the stunning beaches of the Whitsundays, dive the amazing Great Barrier reef, trek through the northern rainforests or watch the sunset over the beautiful Sydney skyline; whatever you choose to do, you will never be disappointed.

Despite the fact that Australia is almost the same size as the USA in terms of landmass, it has a relatively small population of only 18 million people. This means that it is a place where you can learn the true meaning of the word remote. The Outback, which bridges the vast areas between different cities, is a red dusty desert, where blue skies and remarkable geological features combine to create a spectacular landscape. Elsewhere in this immense country you will find other areas of natural beauty including the Blue Mountains, Australian Alps, Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, The Kimberley and Nigaloo to name but a few.

The expat lifestyle on offer in Australia is admired and sought after the world over and expatriates from all corners of the globe flock to the land down under in search of gorgeous beaches, laidback culture and modern, comfortable living environments. It is estimated that 43% of the current population were either born overseas or have one parent overseas and this means that expats can expect a diverse culture that encompasses many different races, religions and nationalities.

Our expat guides to cities in Australia are perfect for people who are considering relocating to this part of the world. They provide you with all the information you need when moving overseas and are written by expatriates who have first hand experience of living in Australia.

Experience life in a country so big and diverse that you may never want to leave.

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