Expat Book Review: Jump Down Under

The prospect of moving to an entirely new country can be very daunting and everyone seems to have an opinion about the country you are considering moving to, the decisions you are making and the actions you should take in the future. The problem is, many of the people who are dishing out the advice have not experienced expat life in a new country themselves and it can be really difficult to get hold of factual information on which you really can base your decisions.

For people who are relocating to Australia, or are planning on doing so in the near future, Iain Ayres’ Jump Down Under – True Stories of Relocating to Australia, is a must read.

Iain’s book is based on six very detailed interviews that he has conducted with people who have already made the move to Australia and know what life in the country is really like. It contains a whole host of objective information and advice about visas, tax, choosing where to live and keeping safe from the creepy crawlies.

The book, in many ways, may come as a surprise to some people. Australia is a top expat destination that attracts people from all over the world on an annual basis. When one contemplates life in Oz, one often thinks of sunshine, an amazing outdoor lifestyle and a great work-life balance. While these things may indeed be on offer, what is great about Iain’s book is that he also encourages expats to openly discuss the actual reality and downsides of life down under and, as such, the interviewees present an informative, yet grounded, overview of what expats can really expect if they relocate. It covers extremely useful topics such as the reality of making the move, telling the family, settling in and, most importantly, how to get and keep that all-important visa. Because the stories are told by people who have experienced the events first hand for themselves, the reader is transported into what living in Australia really looks like.

Jump Down Under is pretty much essential reading for people who are seriously considering a move to Oz.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk