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Tokyo became Japan's capital only after the deposition of the Tokugawa shogunate in the late 1860's, but has since grown into a modern metropolis. Straddling the mouth of one of the largest ports in the world, Tokyo serves as the entry point for almost every visitor to Japan. As a world-renowned center for commerce, culture, and creativity, Tokyo represents the pinnacle of the Japanese brand of capitalism.

Reduced to rubble twice by both earthquakes and bombs, it survived to become what many still call the most fascinating city on earth. Be it fashion, finance, technology or manufacturing, business finds its rightful place in Tokyo. Men and women of almost every nationality depend daily on its network of resources. Efficient transport, delicious food, advanced research and all the latest trends grace Tokyo. The Imperial Family, the Prime Minister, and every branch of government all set their center within the capital. But although it stands today as an international symbol of both the new and cutting edge, it expends great effort to preserve the richness of its impressive list of traditions.

While Japan is divided into 47 separate Prefectures (including Hokkaido, Okinawa, the old city of Kyoto, and Osaka), Tokyo is constructed from 23 different wards, in addition to several outlying cities, towns, and villages.

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