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    Posted by Georgie Dicker (Mrs) 

    Could I live in Spain, adopting a moderate lifestyle, renting 2 bedroom apartment, townhouse, finca, or cortijo, electric, (gas if any), water, internet, food, and general day to day living on a budget of 750 EURO per month. I am a single lady and receive a UK state pension, I am present residing in Egypt but for obvious reasons due to the environment and climate want to leave the country. I would not own, want or need a car. I also need to advice on what are the rules and regulations of a long term visa and if I could obtain healthcare under the NHS, or if I would need private medical insurance. (If the latter is a requirement then I have to forget my relocation as medical insurance for any gender over the age of 65 would be impossible and/or out of my price range). Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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