Ecuador Voted the Best Retirement Destination in the World

Ecuador, a small country that is situated in the north-west of South America, has been named the best retirement destination in the world in a recent survey as a result of the country’s low cost of living, high quality lifestyle, accessible healthcare and excellent weather.

The survey, which was published by International Living, a website that specializes in overseas retirement, ranked Ecuador, a country with a population of just 15 million people, above other popular retirement destinations such as Panama, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

According to the site, expatriates who retire to Ecuador can enjoy dinner out for $2.50, an hour-long massage for $25 and a beer for just $0.85. Furthermore, expatriates can access high-quality health care for a small monthly fee and those retirees who wish to earn a little cash on the side will find the application procedure for a work visa relatively straightforward.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Paul Green a British expatriate who works for Surtrek South American Travel described his life in Ecuador: “My wife and I are currently renting a three-bedroom, comfortable apartment in the capital Quito’s safe yet bohemian village of Guápulo. We wake up daily to truly breathtaking mountain views through the bedroom window and our rent is a mere $200 (£129) a month.”

“A French neighbour of ours who works for the UN pays more than double what we do for a fully furnished place. It all depends on what you need and what you want to pay. Some say it’s half the cost of living in the US, while I would argue it’s even less to live here without compromising style and comfort.”

International Living’s Retirement Index ranks the top 22 retirement destinations in the world according to data collected from expatriates who have retired to various destinations throughout the world.