Brits’ Top Ten Reasons for NOT Moving Abroad

Aviva UK Health published results of a survey last week that revealed the reasons why many British citizens do not move overseas.

The study, which was entitled “semi-gration”, surveyed 1000 British adults between 31 of March and 5 April 2011 and tracked the reasons why British citizens do not move abroad. The results revealed that the number one reason why would-be expatriates choose to stay at home is because they are worried about leaving behind their friends and family, with 74% of respondents claiming that this prevented them from exploring life overseas.

Also high on the list of excuses was British culture, with 43% of those surveyed suggesting that they would miss the television, and 39% revealing that they would miss the British sense of humor.

Concerns about healthcare abroad

Surprisingly, leaving behind the NHS—a British institution that receives a lot of criticism in the United Kingdom—also provided sufficient reason for Brits to remain at home as opposed to moving overseas, with 34% of the people surveyed claiming that they would miss the public health care if they did relocate. This constituted a 9% increase on Aviva’s 2010 research findings. When questioned further on the causes of their concerns about leaving behind the NHS system, 27% of people admitted that they did not know enough about the health care that is available in other countries and 17% revealed that they would not know where to start when searching for support and advice on healthcare overseas. Furthermore, 21% worried about the quality of healthcare that would be available abroad and 11% were concerned that they would not be able to arrange appropriate levels of treatment because of their lack of knowledge of overseas healthcare systems.

Top Ten Reasons British Citizens Don’t Move Abroad

  1. Friends and family (74%)
  2. TV (43%)
  3. Sense of humor (39%)
  4. Food and drink (38%)
  5. NHS (34%) / English language (34%)
  6. Own town/city (29%)
  7. Own house (26%)
  8. Sport (15%)
  9. Nightlife (10%)

There is no doubt that moving overseas for the first time can be a very daunting experience and that there will be elements of home that you will miss. However, don’t let small reasons like missing television shows prevent you from enjoying what could be the adventure of a lifetime. If you thoroughly research before you relocate, you will find that many of the concerns highlighted by British citizens in Aviva’s survey need not be a major issue (it is even possible to get British television abroad!). Our expat guides contain a wealth of information about living overseas and contain full, comprehensive insights into healthcare, meeting new friends and enjoying the nightlife. Written by expats, for expats, they contain everything you need to know to stop these 10 concerns from ever becoming a reality.

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