New Expat Car Leasing Service Launched in the US

A new expat car leasing service has launched in the US this week and it offers United States expatriates an opportunity to purchase cars without a US credit score.

Until recently expatriates living in the United States often struggled to purchase a vehicle on credit due to their lack of credit history in the US. Expatriates who had not lived and worked in the US for sufficient periods fell victim to the USA’s strict credit policies and purchasing a car on finance was practically impossible.

However, the recent launch of Scandinavian company Lion Leasing means that expatriates can at long last gain access to car financing without a strong US credit score. General Manager Jesper Lovendahl commented on the service offerings in a recent press release: “Being an expat myself, and having experienced the difficulties of getting access to credit in the US, I thought that if we could create a service that can offer car financing, we would be able to help a lot of people who at the moment have no other option.”

The new expat targeted program offers expatriates an opportunity to access financing on any type of car, both used and new. Interested applicants can apply for the leasing scheme using their passport, employment contract, visa and bank account.