Expat job opportunities gradually rise in United Arab Emirates

Expat job opportunities gradually rise in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates remains a popular expatriate destination according to a recent report by careerunity.com.

Careerunity.com has reported that employment prospects within the United Arab Emirates have risen by approximately 8.3% on an annual basis over recent years and are expected to remain on the rise in the foreseeable future. Careerunity.com, an online job portal that is based in the Middle East, are a well-known recruitment firm in the area. They have used statistics related from the number and type of jobs posted onto their online job database to produce figures pertaining to the employment market. They claim that the number of jobs posted is increasing on an almost daily basis and that there has been a steady increase in the number of job applications that they receive from overseas workers.

Within the recently published results, Careerunity.com claim that the job market within the United Arab Emirates is dominated by expatriate workers and that the nature of the roles available within the middle east region has entailed countries within this region have been less affected by the global economic downturn than other nations throughout the world. All of this has created a unique market within the United Arab Emirates that has attracted a steady supply of both jobs and expatriates who are willing to relocate into the area in order to fulfill them.

It is believed that there are a number of reasons that the UAE region continues to attract professional resource from areas throughout the world. One potential reason for this is that proactive support facilities have been established for foreign workers and that recruitment platforms have benefited from innovative products that enable them to reach the market more efficiently and effectively. Sudeshna Mukherjee, General Manager, Careertunity.com, discussed this: “Expatriates account for over 90 per cent of the entire working population of the UAE. This key statistic provides a clear picture of what really drives the country’s job market. Several junior, mid-level and senior-level professionals from different countries continue to actively search for gainful employment opportunities in the UAE and this has in turn helped several business organizations in the country to maintain a highly competent pool of manpower resources.”

Amid the economic crunch, Careertunity.com has continued to entertain a growing number of applications from expatriate workers looking for new prospects in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE. This speaks a lot of the reputation of the region as a hub for the global job market,” added Sudeshna.