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    Which of the following pay-as-you-go (pre-paid) do not have coverage in Whistler-Blackcomb pistes or Vancouver, BC?

    1. 7-11 Speakout
    2. Petro-Canada
    3. Rogers
    4. Fido
    5. Bell/Telus.
    6. Koodo
    7. Virgin Mobile
    8. PC Mobile


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    7-11 Speakout, Petro-Canada and Fido use Rogers’s network. Koodo is on the Telus network. Virgin and PC Mobile use Bell’s network. Bell traffic is carried on Telus’s network in parts of Western Canada.

    Bottom line is that all of the above network operators will have coverage in Whistler, as will any of the other MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) who use Telus/Bell/Rogers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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