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    Posted by Naynay07

    My husband will be starting a new job at the University of Birmingham in the fall, and so far we have no arrangements for living, school, etc. and I am getting very anxious. I could really use some help!

    My first concern is getting my 4 year old daughter enrolled in a school in time. Granted, we don’t even have a place yet, so I don’t know which school that would be. So, I suppose my first question should be about what the best and safest neighborhoods are for a family with a young child. We will be relying on public transportation, so Ideally, something that is not too far from the University. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Now, about schooling. Here in he US, my daughter attends a “developmental center for kids under 5. It is actually part of the local University here in Waco, Texas. It’s not a preschool or daycare. It’s more advanced-almost like prep school for elementary, if that makes sense. She attends full time , 8-5 year round. Now, I have no clue how the school system works in England. Are there similar “schools” (or any school for that matter) for children her age? If so, does anyone have any recommendations, or would we be limited to the school district we live in? When does school start, and when are enrollment deadlines typically. Also, any info on how we would go about enrolling her form abroad?

    I know that’s a lot of questions, but I am completely lost on where to start, since my husband has not quite taken care of anything yet, as he said he would, and moving time is coming up up very quickly.

    Thank you in advance for any help/guidance you can give me.


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