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    I have been doing extensive UK Visa investigations, and because of the nature of UK Visas & Immigrations, I do not have any “free” options to contact the professionals — so I have to invest more time in my own research. I am a young Canadian; I will have completed a Bachelor’s in Engineering, and a Masters of Applied Science by the time I move to the UK; I have accepted a job offer in the UK.

    Although I am currently waiting on a response to a citizenship application to a European Economic Area country which I have ancestral ties to, this was due back to me a week ago (…), so I’m not holding my breath on that route of entry to the UK (although it would be the easiest and most convenient).

    I am also looking at two other Visas, but perhaps others have more insight. My two obvious options are the Tier 2 General Visa and the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa for Canadians under 30. As my job is indefinite, the Tier 2 is more appealing, but Tier 5 is less expensive in the short term.

    One massive question I have is regarding the possibility of paying $1500+ for a visa, and getting rejected… Its not very clear if the fee is only paid upon acceptance; or if I even have a good chance of getting the visa (in particular, the Tier 2 visa, which is based on points). From what I’m reading, the UK seems to want to reject immigration, and is making it much more difficult to get in / stay in (with a rather large minimum wage requirement being implemented this year, for those looking to stay longer than 5 years). My job is not on the shortage list either, so I think I am even at a disadvantage in that way — although I was offered the job after the company did a series of interviews with applicants from all over the UK.

    I will leave it at this for now, and I hope to get some further insight from those who are familiar with the process.


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