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    I have been offered a transfer with my company. However they want to give me a local contract rather than expat. I need advice on what I need writing into contract. I have been offered school fees for my daughter but nothing for my newborn son. I have also been offered an amount for accommodation and transport. I have not been offered medical. Can anyone offer advice for me to make sure I get the contract I want.


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    David Lee

    You should write your compensation requirements into the contract up front along with any penalty you expect them to pay should the contract not be followed.A solid contract will require a direct payment each month minus local taxes at the specified expat rate which is 32% for expat and 25% for PR. Don’t expect a sizable pay check if your working at a local rate. Most Singaporeans live on between $2,000 to $4,000 pcm. Keep in mind that contracts are often change even after they are signed for the convenience of the employer to add additional work to your contract for the same amount of money. Expat Contracts are meant to be broken in Asia and few are honored because an expat few are ever taken to court. Just keep in mind that if it is written down then it isn’t in stone yet. I’ve had to quit several employers for taking advantage of poor Yank that didn’t know any better. Be on the look out for the fall guy approach. Hiring and expat and then blaming him when things went wrong. Forget about expecting education compensation it isn’t done in Asia. You should seek a good quality school from expat.com and then try to get your child enrolled after you have a solid footing.

    David Lee

    Your best bet is to go with a standard contract with no ups and no extras.

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