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    Posted by Jessica , 2 replies

    I am relocating to the USA for 2-3 years with my spouse and three kids to set up a business. Where do I start regarding finding private health insurance for the 5 of us and possibly for one of our employees?


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    Hi, Jessica!

    The US is currently rewriting the Affordable Care Act, so people really are not sure about what to do for insurance.

    What state are you moving to? The state or city might have information on insurance. I”d also check any associations, particularly for small business, to see what they recommend. The chamber of commerce,that’s local to you should be a good start.

    You might also check with SCORE. It’s a program for retired executives to mentor people starting out in their own business.

    Best of luck to you!

    TFG Global
    2 years ago

    You can get a quote for the plan we offer via: https://expatfinancial.com/cigna-international-health-insurance-plan/

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