Posted by Denise Abernathy 17th March 2016 03:22 GMT, 2 repliesFilters: Mexico General

I am a veteran who is currently retired in Oregon. I am looking for a pen pal, an expat, who can share information about living in Mexico. I have a limited income, and want to know the best place for me to resettle.
I appreciate any and all feedback.
Thank you

Jan Rankins25th March 2016 20:39 GMT

My husband and I live in texas and also are looking to relocate to mexico. We also want to find someone already done there to correspond with. Email me at and perhaps we can sh as requested info.
Jan Rankins.

Thomas Lloyd Top Mexico25th July 2016 16:52 GMT

Will be happy to answer all your questions, you can post them here so other people can benefit from the information or you can also send an e mail to Claudia will be happy to send you all the information you need to make an informed decision =)
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