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    My husband and I are seriously considering moving to Melbourne for 12 months with our daughters aged 4 and 18 months. We might one day move to Australia for the long term but we have agreed to try it for a year first.

    I wouldn’t want to move permanently yet due to my mum and sister being in the UK and them needing us due to health issues.

    We are thinking of moving in 2018 but don’t know where to start! What type of Visa we need, hubby works in banking so he would like to work in Melbourne and our daughter will need to start school out there aswell.

    Has anyone done this… moved temporary? Any advice would be welcomed.

    Thank you and Happy New Year


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    did u move yet?
    I would like to live there for a year as well. but here in canada they closed australian embassy fault of budjet,
    yup australia dont have money. I was told this when i was there…lol

    So they advised me to call them…i called they never pick up so buisy they are.So may canadian customers and they closed an office in the Capital.

    I guess they dont want any new cummers or immigrants lol…………….

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