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Hi guys I am a long term resident visa holder of japan but I've been living in US for 1 year now with my husband and we're thinking to apply for a spouse visa. I've been working here and not making income at all in Japan however I'm planing to go back to renew my visa in Japan in the summer and we're thinking to apply for his certificate of eligibility (me as the guarantor).

1. Is there any of you had the experience in applying japan visa for your spouse without no income in Japan ? (we both have enough saving in the US) but I'm not sure that count to show the immigration officer of Japan.

2. I do have family in japan but my brother in law has been working there for ages and making good income, so my question is if me as a guarantor is not enough to show the financial support, will my brother in law be eligible to be a supporter for his application alone ? or maybe together with me ?

3. I know it might be impossible but maybe one of you know whether it's possible to apply Japan visa in the US ?

4. I know for US citizen you need to submit FBI background check but will it be ok to submit the copy since that's the only one I've got when I applied it through FBI website ?

Any input would be greatly appreciated :)

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