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    I am putting together a business plan for a long-term, all-inclusive “resort” for retirees looking at potentially expatriating themselves.

    Here’s the concept:

    -Targeting retirees, minimum stay 1 month.
    -Located in Dominican Republic or Panama.
    -Individual cabanas (1 bedroom suite with private bath and kitchennette) in a gated resort style complex.
    -Pool and common area
    -Food included.
    -Internet, satellite TV etc…
    -Activities and outings
    -A pool of available cars and scooters. Everyone is entitled to use a car X days per month.
    -All buildings built using eco-friendly methods, solar powered, low CO footprint etc…
    -Approx price $2800/month per couple.

    The idea is to provide an experience that is much closer to the expat lifestyle, while eliminating most of the headaches.

    I’d love to hear opinions/feedback regarding this concept. Have you heard of it before? Have you tried it? etc…



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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