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Hello, I am new to the area and would need your advice, since I do not know the Vietnamese culture.
In Spain it would be clear but here I do not know what to think. I have met a girl with a great age difference. We met for Vietnam Cupid and from the first moment the relationship has been fantastic. After a couple of weeks and a thousand conversations of all kinds supposedly feelings have surfaced. He has introduced me to her friends and her family. She wants to start a family, she is 41 years old and has two young children, she is a high school teacher. What I found very shocking is that she asks me to build a house in her hometown (rural) to live together. Now she lives with her brother's family. Is it normal or she is laying to me? Her feelings seem sincere, but I do not know what to think. The cost tells me is € 75,000. As I say in Europe it would be clear .. Thanks in advance

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