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    Posted by Ness 

    Hello. Found this site through google, could use some advice

    My mother and I live in the eastern US and have talked about potentially leaving the country for a few years. I’m also looking for a 4 year school that fits my needs.

    I have a rather inflexible case of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. My circadian clock recognizes sunrise as sunset and visa versa, basically. I have a hard time going to school, appointments, events, or work outside of late afternoon, evening, and early morning hours. (thus, I’m on disability, for that and mental health reasons…)

    Are there countries out there that are more flexible in terms of schedule? I’m not looking to necessarily party and bar-hoo at night, I’d rather be able to work and get an education without feeling like a zombie.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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