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    Posted by Virginia Slim  1 reply

    1. I am in the process of renouncing my American citizenship. Born in USA but left at age 18 and lived in the UK for 50 years. For renunciation to be complete I need to file 5 years back tax.
    2. To file taxes I need an American social security number. I have no number or card but believe I may have had one when I graduated HS.
    3. To get a replacement SS number requires American ID. I have no American ID; I have British ID. This is because I live in the UK.
    4. Also it seems that to get a SS No I need to visit a SSA office in the USA. This is expensive as well as inconvenient and there should be away around it.
    Can anyone help with getting a replacement SS No?


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    Ken Miller


    I would suggest you login to the Social Security Website @ https://www.ssa.gov They maybe able to help help you work through your issues. They could also verify if you had a Social Security Card while in High School. You will have to provide them extensive information. It s important you do NOT tell them you’re trying to renounce your American Citizenship. The Government frowns on loosing any Money they think they’re entitled too :-). I think this is the best way to determine and obtain a Social Security Card. Another suggestion would be to request a TAX ID number. This can be used instead of a Social Security Number and should allow you to file. I would making a “General” inquiry as to not raise any RED Flags.

    Hope this helps

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