Posted by Charles Rudd 2nd May 2016 21:56 GMT, 0 repliesFilters: Global General

I want to retire (semi-retire) in South Spain in a more Culturally Spanish Region as I speak Spanish and am familiar with Spanish Culture and People. I'm a Fine Arts Sculpture and Painting Graduate and would appreciate information to live comfortably and modestly, (a Live-In Art Studio, small home or Flat?) while offering to Volunteer part time to Teach Fine Art, Global Cultures, Design and TESL Teach English (I'm Oxford Certified 2008). If Organized Volunteering is not the norm in Spain, I will simply freely share my experience and skills with the Spanish People in general. The point is to share cultures. I want to Learn. Make Friends. Enjoy Life.
If anyone has suggestions to assist in my search, I am most appreciative.
Kindly, Charles

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