Posted by daveleonard 9th March 2016 23:19 GMT, 1 replyFilters: Global Tax

As an ex-patriot, must I pay taxes US taxes on Social Security Benefits? My income is simple: Soc Sec $15,288, Pension $7,644. According to the Notice 703 I get every year from Soc Sec, I then take one half of the Soc Sec, $7,644 add that to my pension of $3,785.76 and the total is $11,429.76. This is far below the base of $25,000 beyond which I would have to pay taxes. I have no income from the Philippines, no business, no job, and nothing from the gov't here.
I have read Pub 54 and Pub 915 but do not see how they apply to me.
Is this not right?
What forms in addition to 1040 do I send in with my return?

auckr13th March 2016 16:01 GMT

I have a similar question. My wife and I are both retired. She gets 1000 a month from Social security. I get 1800 a month from social security and 2300 a month from a private pension fund. We are contemplating relocating to Ecuador and want to know if there is any way to avoid paying the IRS federal income tax short of relinquishing U.S. citizenship? We heard that if you live out of country 330 days or more you are exempt from U.S. tax. True or false? Thanks
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