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    Posted by Mason 

    If you decided to explore the China job market in 2015 be advised that nobody will tell you about your rights as an expat employee -especially your employer or your China job recruiter. In short, it is a don’t ask, don’t tell scenario that can cause you to forfeit up to 40% of your wages due only to your own Ignorance. In reality however, since 2012, expats in China were empowered with 15 new employee rights, some of which are better than America. This article at scam.com tells the story of “China’s Silent Scam”:

    When a group of foreign teachers recently caught wind of this lucrative deception, they began circulating the below chain letter which speaks for itself:

    “Dear teaching colleagues and fellow expats,

    Did you know that you have 15 employee rights as an expat employee in China? If not, then you probably signed an illegal contract that forfeits 30%-40% of your wages/salary. This is not a joke. 70% of us were never told about these rights that kicked in late 2012 when President Xi Jinping ordered that foreigners stop being exploited. Recruiters and China employers do not want us to know about these rights. Why? This link will explain it better than we can (see the third post in the thread):


    The very same thing is happening to thousands of China foreign teachers. If you sign an illegal contract you are implicitly waiving your employee rights. The solution for you must wait until you renew your contract. BUT, you can help us warn others by emailing this message to 10 of your teaching colleagues, and ask them to do the same. If you do nothing, you will continue to forfeit 30% – 40% of your total wages. But, these rights only apply to expats working with a Z visa. If you are working on an L, F, M, or X visa (even part time tutoring) you have no rights and are subject to arrest and deportation as an illegal alien. More information can be found about your employee rights at http://chinascamwatch.org. Best wishes for the New Year!

    Taylor, Frank & Johnny

    China Sam Watch”

    So before you sign any employment agreement for a China job, make damn sure you are not waiving your rights away by signing an illegal contract. And if you are reading this “after the fact”, stop kicking yourself and read here for the legal way to bail yourself out of a bad situation, without losing your visa nor your last paycheck…

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