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    Posted by DFM

    Hi, I’d like info on filing the I-407 at the Consulate USA office in Chile. This is willingly giving up usa residency (green card). Will the exit-tax apply to me?, are local banks obligated to report once card is returned? I worked 40+ yrs in the US, what happens to my Soc Sec benefits?

    My house was on foreclosure and auctioned without my knowledge…. Clerks office said they filed ‘neglect’ … they knew I was, because I wrote to them when they took over accts from Countywide to who I have record of paying mortgage Bi-weekly for 16 yrs.

    So, technically, I no longer have a ‘residence’ there. Banks were allowed to run-down homes with no explanation and Lawyers besides charging tons of money’, claimed they couldn’t promise anything.
    No home, no jobs, violence is outrageous … I have not filed taxes since 2008, simply because I have not worked. I cannot afford to go back each year when I don’t even have a place to stay anymore. I’m giving up my green-card because the Banks were allowed to take my house.

    Now this law comes up – what can I expect?

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