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I am an American Attorney at Law (Barrister) and Social Worker/Mental Health Counselor studying Spanish in Spain for 9 months.

*I am in town now until 2/24/17 and could look at the and want to rent it May 2017 on for a long-term or shore period of town.

If the price is low for a room, for example, I would be willing to pay to rent it now and have it held for me.

I have a website, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as 2 Professional licenses that can be verified online.

I have perfect credit and am available until February 24, 2017 to meet you, as I am in Barcelona now.

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and Austin, TX, which are the friendliest and coolest/best areas of the Southern United States. I am happy to help facilitate any trip you have to America. I have fallen in love with the wonderful, passionate, friendly and extremely nice people of Spain and the fabulous city of Barcelona also.

I hope your day is great!

Amanda what's App and phone number +15124236529

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