Private healthcare insurance still missing from most expatriates wallets

Half of expatriates moving abroad for work aren’t taking out private medical insurance. This has lead to international medical insurers tailoring their polices to make them more attractive to expatriates.

With bountiful expat contracts nearly a thing of the past and companies cutting back it’s often now up to expats to sort out their healthcare arrangements when they move abroad for both themselves and their family. It can also be overlooked by expatriates as moving abroad as it’s not often thought about until required and by then it’s often too late.

Often costs of private healthcare insurance can be a big drain on finances on top of already increasing living costs around the world leading to a lot of expats to rely on local healthcare systems. Whilst this might be satisfactory in European countries for example this may not always be a reliable solution elsewhere in the world.

As of the 1st September MediCare International updated all their incepting or renewing policies in a number of areas to including cover for reconstructive surgery, external prostheses and medical aids and devices. Supplementary expenses and compassionate home travel in the event of death of a close relative are now also covered along with improvements to emergency medical evacuation, providing the policyholder has held at least one year’s insurance with MediCare International.

Debbie Purser, managing director at MediCare International commented: “With many individual and companies looking for ways to extract extra value from their providers, we believe our combination of a new range of benefits and low premium rises demonstrates our commitment to stay in tune with market needs.”

MediCare International estimates that the typical cost of an annual premium for those working in more exotic parts of the world can quickly be recouped.