Expats Advised to Check Their Insurance Policies

The recent political unrest in many parts of the world has highlighted the need for expatriates to fully understand what their travel insurance policies do and do not cover.

Many expats living in countries that have been impacted by political unrest and civil war have found that their health and travel insurance has been invalidated as a result of the outbreak of war in their host country and they now no longer have sufficient access to adequate cover.

Expats are being advised to seek insurance that includes emergency evacuation cover in the event that they need help from an assistance company to assist their safe passage from the impacted country.

InterGlobal, a worldwide medical insurance group, told UK newspaper The Telegraph of the importance of ensuring full cover in emergencies: “For anyone that finds themselves in a city full of protesters and security forces, evacuation cover gives the reassurance that a security specialist will get them out if the mood turns ugly,” said Paul Weigall, the insurer’s head of sales and marketing.

“International private medical insurance provides reassurance that an expatriate will receive quality health care when it’s needed. International security assistance comes into play when the emergency is political unrest or a natural disaster. We think both are essential to give expatriates peace of mind,” he added.

If you’re looking for help and assistance when choosing expat insurance, please see our free guide to expat health insurance. It contains everything you need to know about choosing an appropriate provider and gaining access to appropriate levels of cover.