Expat Expo to be Held in Prague

Expat Expo to be Held in Prague

The Prague Expat Expo organized by ReloCare in association with Expats.cz will be held in Prague this forthcoming weekend.

The event, which will feature 120 exhibitors and is aiming to attract over 5,000 visitors, will take place at Výstavište Praha Holešovice and will be split into two distinct time slots. Between 10 and 11am, business-to-business activity will take place and exhibitors will have an opportunity to network with one another and learn about each other’s business plans and developments. The doors will open to the general public at 11am and visitors will have an opportunity to browse goods and services that are specifically targeted at the expat market as well as enjoying some of the many forms of entertainment on offer; including stage performances, children’s play areas, wine tasting, yoga and Pilates and a food court.

Admission to the event is free and seminars for adults will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Discussing the event, Dana Pick, founder of ReloCare commented:

“We want people to stay around and listen, because a leaflet is not enough to deliver the message to your customers as well as it can be if you were to discuss with them in person.

“If you want to show your babysitting business, a seminar shows how good your service actually is.”

If you are looking for expat activities and entertainment in your host country then please see our expat events calendar.

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