The gulf may offer a good opportunity for expats seeking work abroad.

If you’re looking for work abroad, the United Arab Emirates may be the place for you.

Recent events in the world’s economy have led to a worldwide recession with many people all over the world being forced to move abroad to find work out of their home countries. As we reported on the 23rd July, 2009, many expats now face an uncertain future in their jobs abroad and have found that their previous comfortable existence in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong are now under question. With expat benefits in some nations now diminishing along with the work and career opportunities there, expats are now looking to relocate in search of a better environment.

One area that could pose a feasible alternative for those expats who were previously enjoying the high life in Asia, is the Middle East. If reports are to be believed, it appears that many countries in this region are less affected than others around the world and that job opportunities are still plentiful for expats who are seeking work abroad. Research conducted by the Kuwait National Bank, has found that up to 2.1 trillion dollars worth of projects were expected to be delivered in the region in the first half of 2009 alone, with this representing an growth of 50% per year since 2005. The huge investment in such projects coupled with a shortage of skills in some areas means that the region remains a viable opportunity for overseas workers.

What is certain is that the UAE remains an attractive expatriate destination for people who are seeking a higher standard of living. The tax-free earnings potential coupled with the luxurious living generally afforded to overseas workers, means that many top professionals are now relocating to their area in order to sustain the standard of living they have previously been enjoying in some of the Asian cities. Bharti Jatti, the General Manager of a Middle East recruitment consultancy called Careertunity, commented on this: “There are multiple reasons that make an expatriate choose the UAE to work in.

Some important ones are comfortable lifestyle, the tax-free income, connectivity to global business hubs, political stability, safe living and conducive atmosphere for children and healthy family life. Expatriates have the choice of selecting schools and colleges of world-class standard. Further, the scope for entertainment and sports facilities are immense.” His comments are supported by the results of a Manpower survey entitled The Borderless Workforce, which placed the UAE in 6th position in a poll of jobseekers, positioning the location as an attractive option for expats seeking work abroad.


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