Pace Law – Canada, U.S. and Global Immigration Services
Business Description

At Pace Immigration, we provide extensive immigration assistance, catering to the needs of both individuals and enterprises as they tackle the intricate facets of Canadian and American immigration law. Our expert team of immigration professionals is dedicated to devising customized strategies for your immigration requirements, guaranteeing a streamlined and fruitful procedure. Here is a concise outline of the primary services we provide:
Work Permits:
For individuals pursuing job prospects or enterprises aiming to engage overseas professionals, our team is equipped to aid in procuring the necessary work authorizations. We remain informed about the most recent developments in immigration regulations and offer tailored advice to accommodate your distinct requirements.
Intra-Company Transfers:
Our skilled group of professionals aids enterprises in managing intra-company personnel relocations, facilitating the effortless movement of staff members among global affiliates. We take care of essential documentation, maintain conformity with relevant rules, and offer support during each step of the transition.
Solutions for Entrepreneurs:
At Pace Immigration, we have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and investors to establish businesses and establish themselves in Canada through the Start Up Visa Program and in the United States through the E-1 (Treaty Trader), E-2 (Treaty Investor) or EB-5 programs. Our professionals understand the entrepreneurial mindset and how to leverage immigration laws.
Permanent Residence in the US or Canada:
Individuals seeking to create a lasting residence in Canada, or the United States can rely on our immigration specialists to acquire permanent residence status. We lead clients through the submission procedure, addressing potential apprehensions while observing all necessary legal stipulations.
Residence or Citizenship by Investment:
We assist individuals to understand their options and apply for residence or citizenship by investment in multiple jurisdictions, empowering them to acquire citizenship or residence in participating countries through various forms of financial contribution. Our team imparts knowledgeable insights on investment choices and prerequisites, providing for an optimized and effective progression.
Why Work with Pace Immigration?
Pace Immigration delivers a wide range of immigration legal assistance, covering Canadian and U.S. immigration, in addition to global citizenship and residency programs. We navigate complex immigration situations while providing direction and encouragement to our clientele, empowering them to attain their immigration ambitions. Our expertise in Canadian and U.S. immigration, along with our practical experience, position our clients to be successful.

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