Investments for Expats
Business Description
Investments for Expats is an online financial advisor for expats and I help expats transfer pensions offshore into either QROPs or SIPPs to mitigate any taxes where it is currently based. Expats usually ask me to roll all their frozen or previous pensions into a pension that is offshore.

I also help expats set up their investments, whether that is lump-sum and regular contributions and these can be offshore to mitigate any taxes that might be incurred doing it back in their home country. I usually get asked to do these if they have built up a pot(s) and want to put them all into a diversified portfolio or if they have inherited some money and want to make use of the money by investing it.

If you are an expat that:

Has frozen or redundant pensions that aren't doing anything
Are not contributing to a current pension as an expat
Have a lump-sum that you want to make use of
Have surplus cash at the end of each month and currently not doing anything with it.

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