Business Description
Azimo is an online platform offering a money transfer service to more than 195 countries worldwide. The company provides its customers with an easily accessible service online and through its mobile app; allowing customers to send money internationally to friends, family and other contacts. The company has many additional services including mobile phone top up and cash collection from more than 300,000 global cash pay-out sites.

Cutting out the unnecessary components in the money transfer business by operating solely online, Azimo makes significant savings which are then passed onto its customers.

Services are available at more than competitive rates with money transfer services for as little as 1 and 2 percent of each transaction; prices which are notably 85% cheaper than the high street banks.

Savings made by Azimo are not only passed onto its customers but also global charities; the company aims to give 10%ofits profits to these organizations-changing the way businesses work for better

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