Shanghai preview


Shanghai has the most advanced medical facilities in all of China. Most high-end hotels have an in-house or on-call doctor and always refer guests to dentists and doctors. There are at least a million expats in Shanghai – therefore, the local hospitals and certainly the Western hospitals are used to treating foreign patients.

From an expatriate point of view, Shanghai's healthcare system can be divided into three broad categories: Foreign-managed, joint-venture facilities with expatriate physicians, foreigners' or VIP units in local hospitals (which usually offer English-speaking physicians), and the standard local healthcare system.

Foreign-Managed, Joint-Venture Facilities with Expatriate Physicians

These facilities adhere to global standards, offering medical care at the standards expats would expect in their home countries. Fees for foreign-managed medical facilities in Shanghai are similar to those in Beijing and other large Asian cities: a typical doctor's consultation will cost about US$80 to $150. These healthcare providers can often bill top global private health insurance companies directly. Expats should check with their health insurer for details. Some foreign- managed healthcare providers also offer discounts as part of a package of services to those who join as members of the facility.

Local Hospitals with Foreigners VIP Units

Several local hospitals …