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Want check about retirement visa in Spain and requirements? How long it takes to get passport?

melissaspain29th March 2016 11:50 GMT


Retirees or others who have the financial means to support themselves without working can apply for residence in Spain for non-lucrative purposes. To qualify, you must show that you have the means to support yourself and any dependents without working. For 2015, the official monthly minimum income is €2,130 for an individual and €532.51 for each dependent. However, the actual minimum income you’ll need to show will depend on where you choose to live (and how expensive that destination is). Spanish Immigration will determine this.

In addition, citizens of non-EU countries (including the U.S. and Canada) must show proof of private health insurance valid in Spain. Other requirements include a valid application form, a certificate of good conduct issued by the police in the city (or cities) where you’ve lived over the past five years, and a medical report, among other things.

You must submit all the required documents to your nearest Spanish embassy or consulate in person, and by previous appointment.

Processing your application may take up to three months. After your application has been approved, you have one month to collect your entry visa from the consulate and then three months to enter Spain. Initial visas are for one year.

CMP21st July 2016 02:01 GMT

Thank you, melissaspain, for posting this. I have a question and could use your help. I am going to the Spanish consulate in Chicago next month to apply for a retiree visa. Most items have to be translated into Spanish, of course. How much of my social security paperwork and investment papers do I need to have translated? The documents are each several pages long, and I am hoping just the first page of each with the denominations would be the only ones that need translation. Thank you for your help.

Jose31st August 2017 13:15 GMT

Thanks for the Information
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