How well do you know Singapore? Take our quiz to find out.

1. What does the word Singapore translate as in English?

2. Which of the following is not an official language of Singapore?

3. What does istana mean in Malay?

4. What is the highest point on Singapore Island?

5. What are the colors of the Singapore flag?

6. What is Singapore’s currency?

7. What is the name of Singapore’s underground railway system?

8. Modern Singapore was founded when Raffles arrived in Singapore and the British East India Company began to use it as a trading post in?

9. The British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese in?

10. Singapore became an independent republic in?

11. Singapore’s Changi airport was opened in?

12. Singapore banned the manufacture and import of chewing gum in?

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Five top tips

01A service of SingPost, vPost, allows users to set up overseas mailing addresses in the US, Europe, and Japan so that buyers can purchase from there.
02When searching for rental properties find listings that are not co-broked. You will be charged commission on co-broked properties.
03When searching for property look for any nearby spaces that may be built on. There is a lot of development taking place and building work is noisy.
04Despite what many websites say, quarantine is no longer required for the majority of domestic animals arriving in Singapore.
05If take Permanent Residency in Singapore and have, or are considering having, children. Be aware that male children may have to do national service.

Interesting fact

At independence, Singapore was 581 sq km (224 sq miles). It has reclaimed a significant amount of land from the sea and is now around 680 sq km. The Singaporean government has plans to acquire another 100 sq km in the next 30 years.