How well do you know Paris? Take our quiz to find out.

1. If you go underneath the Palais Garnier, home to the Paris National Opera, what will you find?

2. To what are Parisians referring to when they mention the 7th art?

3. Where is Napoleon buried?

4. Which of the following can be found in the Louvre?

5. Paris is the seat of which international organization?

6. In which Parisian building will you find the hall of mirrors?

7. Paris is twinned with which city?

8. Which year the Eiffel Tower was constructed?

9. The treaty of Versaille was signed in Paris in?

10. The Olympic games were held in Paris in?

11. In which year were general strikes and student riots in Paris?

12. When dining in the home of a local in Paris you should not begin eating until the host says Bon Appetit?

13. When meeting someone in France for the first time you should kiss them briefly on each cheek?

14. It is customary to send flowers to someone’s home on the morning of the day you are invited to dine there?

15. When you are first introduced to a local in Paris you should offer a personal compliment?

16. When dining in a formal environment in Paris you should place your napkin on your lap immediately after being seated?

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Four top tips

01Once you have found a good bakery in your neighborhood, visit regularly. They are institutions and offer interesting information about the local area.
02The '3 plans par arrondissement' is by far the best local map, and so compact that it takes up little space in a bag.
03The seemingly constant flood of locksmith service advertisements in your mailbox may seem annoying, but slip one under your doormat, you may need it!
04Learn the language, you will find that there are large swathes of Parisian life that you will miss completely if you don't speak the language.

Interesting fact

It is believed that approximately 6 million people are buried below the streets of Paris in catacombs.