Mumbai preview


Welcome to Mumbai, the financial heart of India: home to the headquarters of many major multinational companies, address of the giant Bombay Stock Exchange, and, quite remarkably, the stomping ground of sixty-nine billionaires. It's a city of out-of-this-world wealth, but at the same time, it's a city of heart-wrenching destitution.

Mumbai's firm grip on India's economy is apparent - the city is single-handedly responsible for 5% of the country's GDP and almost half of India's foreign trade. It manufactures and exports cars, chemicals, textiles, steel, and pharmaceuticals at its busy sea port. Foreign companies see huge potential in the metropolis, investing in some of the world's most expensive commercial real estate to have a Mumbai base. Booming Bombay's most famous moneymaker is its flourishing entertainment sector known as Bollywood, which pumps out more films on average than its partial namesake, Hollywood. And it…