Melbourne preview



Compared to most other major cities around the globe, Melbourne is incredibly safe. Although recent spates of drunken weekend violence around nightclubs have raised the city’s profile in the national media, the majority of Melbourne’s CBD is safe to walk alone at all hours.

Throughout the city, the police presence is strong, the streets are well lit and broad and there is little threat even in the dark alleys for which the city is famous. Newcomers though, especially women, will probably feel more comfortable walking in pairs or groups than alone. This is understandable. It is advisable if you are alone to walk confidently, even if you are strolling. Anywhere in the world, it is always the easily intimidated who are targeted.

Street harassment is less common for women than in most European countries, although be aware than Australia is a young nation, and groups of drunk men are known to behave like teenagers. Although they are often loud and breathe beery breath all over pretty girls, they are …