Cape Town

South Africa

How well do you know Cape Town? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Cape Town is the capital of which South African regional province?

2. Over 40% of residents speak which language at home?

3. The population of the Cape Town including the metro area is?

4. Cape Town straddles which two oceans

5. The climate of Cape Town is best described as?

6. Cape Town’s most famous natural feature is?

7. Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town was famous as a?

8. South Africa has three Capital cities, Cape Town is the?

9. Portugeuse expolorer, Bartolomeu Dias becomes the first Eurpoean to reach the most southern point of Africa and King John II renames it the Cape of Good Hope in?

10. British Sailor Humphrey Fitzhebert claims lands in the Cape and Claims it for Great Britain in?

11. Dutch Sailor Jan Van Riebeeck establishes a refreshing point at Cape Town for the Dutch East India Company ships travelling the trade routes between Europe and India in?

12. Union of South Africa created, uniting Cape and Natal colonies with the Orange Free State and Transvaal, as a British Dominion in?

13. The country holds it first fully democratic elections with all people, regardless of race are allowed to vote in?

14. The international Scouting movement has may traditions based on the time Robert Baden-Powell spent in South Africa?

15. South Africa has 2 official languages, English and Afrikaans?

16. South Africa hosted and won the Rugby World cup in 1995 in its return to international competition after the long boycott of the country by other sporting nations?

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Five top tips

01It is critical to ensure you have the correct visa before you arrive as you will need to return home to make changes if you have the wrong visa.
02Safety should be a top priority. Sign up with a good security company and ensure your home is fitted with the latest security equipment.
03Wear sunglasses and sunscreen throughout the year. The UV rays in South Africa are extremely strong.
04Be adventurous, not stupid. Whenever you go on a new hike or nature walk, do it with a local who knows the route and the time it takes to get back.
05Follow the networking process. Join a few expatriate clubs. It’s a lot easier to travel the grapevine between social scenes than to jump into on

Interesting fact

The median age in the city of Cape Town is 26 years old, with almost half the population less than 24 years old.